Our Bufocraft is a 1-2 person hovercraft retains the same core design as the Tornado, but with mofifications to improve racing performance capabilities and to add class (yes, we realize some don't find it appealing - have some imagination!). With its high weight-to-power ratio, increased horsepower, optimized fan setup, improved cushion response system, and exotic bullfrog design, this is sure to be an eye catcher! You will not find a better standard factory-produced model for racing in the hovercraft market. Bufocraft is available as a turn-key and fully functional vessel delivered to your home. Kits are not available for this model.




Carry Capacity / Payload:          440 lbs (200 kg)
Max Recommended Speed:       55 mph (90 km/h)
Forward Thrust:                         200 lbs (91 kg) max
Range:                                       1 Hour (30+ miles)
Hump Start (Land)                      1-3 seconds
Hump Start (On Water)               2-4 seconds


  • Strong & Flexible Composite Sandwich Hull
  • Cool Frog Design
  • Upgraded 60 hp Engine
  • Enhanced Cushion System
  • Reliable Gearbox Drive (no belts)
  • Marine Grade - Salt Water Approved!
  • Low & Easy Maintenance
  • Full USA Support & Parts




Dimensions Off Cushion:

    Length:              10 feet 6 inches (3 m 20 cm)
    Width:                 6 feet 1 inches  (1 m 85 cm)
    Height:                4 feet 3 inches   (1 m 30 cm)
    Duct Diameter    2 feet 11 inches
(90 cm)

Cushion Height (Hover Height):     10 inches  (25cm)
Total Weight:          Approximately 319 lbs (145 kg)
Steering:                Aerodynamic MAD Rudders x 2 qty
Propeller:               HasconWing x 6-9 blades
Built-In Floation:     52 U.S. Gallons  (Approx. 200 liters)
Fuel Tank:              3.2 U.S. Gallons
(12 liters)
Fuel Consumption: 4 Gallons per Hour
(15 Liters per Hour)







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